How to Remove a Monitor Stand From a Dell Computer

Are you wondering how to remove the monitor stand from your Dell computer? It may seem like a daunting task, but there are steps you can follow to ensure that you remove the monitor stand safely. By using the right tools and minimal force, you can take your monitor stand apart. Then, you can put it back together. And as always, you can refer to this article whenever you’re in doubt. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started.

Steps to

Before attempting to remove your monitor stand, you should be aware of the proper way to do so. First, you need to unplug all cables from the monitor stand. Then, unscrew any screws that are holding the monitor stand to the monitor. The base of the monitor is what stabilizes the monitor when it is on a solid surface. Some bases are circular, rectangular, or arc. The procedure to remove the base of your monitor is similar. The base of the monitor can be removed by inverting the monitor. This will reveal the screws that are holding it to the monitor.

The Dell monitor stand can be removed by unscrewing four screws that are attached to the monitor. Depending on its size, the stand can also be rotated or swivelled. Moreover, the stand can be replaced by simply following the instructions provided with the new one. You should not use any sharp tools for this purpose, as this may leave a scratch on the stand. If you are unsure of how to remove the monitor stand, you can use a butter knife to pry off the monitor stand.

The next step is to unscrew any screws that are attached to the monitor stand. You should use a flathead screwdriver to remove these screws. Make sure you are using a cloth underneath the monitor to protect it from damage. After unscrewing the screws, you can take off the monitor stand and replace it with a new one. The steps to remove monitor stands Dell are the same as for any other type of computer.


If you’re having trouble removing your Dell monitor stand, don’t worry. It’s a simple task that requires a screwdriver, a soft cloth, and some patience. Before attempting to remove your Dell monitor stand, make sure your monitor is turned off and all cables are disconnected. Next, gently pull up on the monitor stand and release the screws. Be sure to store the screws properly so you don’t lose them.

There are two types of Dell monitor stands, which require a specific procedure to remove them. Most monitors have a hook you can use to release the screw. Once you’ve loosened the screw, remove the base plate. You’ll want to remove the vertical portion of the stand as well. This may be directly connected to the monitor, or it may be attached to a holder on the back. Once you’ve done this, you can pull the monitor stand away from the monitor.

Some stands come with a V-shaped bracket on the back. Unscrew the bracket and remove the stand. It may also be possible to remove the monitor and the base separately. For these cases, refer to the manufacturer’s manual or the model number. This will give you specific instructions. While removing a stand, be careful to avoid scratching the screen or damaging the monitor. You’ll need to carefully remove all screws and monitor parts before attempting to remove the stand.

Using minimal force

If you are planning to dismantle your Dell monitor, you must know how to do it with the minimum amount of force. First, disconnect all your devices from the computer, especially the power cables. Unplug all cables and leave the monitor stand unplugged. Carefully remove the monitor from the stand using a butter knife. If you are unable to remove the stand with minimal force, you can always use a cushion.

Once you have removed the monitor stand, you must carefully lift it up. It is usually secured with four screws. If you can’t lift the monitor from its stand, then pull the monitor up and use a T20 Panhead screwdriver to remove it. Then, put it back together. Alternatively, if you have an adjustable stand, you can also make one out of household items. One option is to use a telephone book or a book to increase the height of the monitor.

Using a curved stand

If you’ve ever struggled to remove your monitor from its stand, you’ll know just how difficult it can be. First, you must be sure to remove the cables. After that, you need to unscrew the screws holding the monitor stand to the desk. You’ll see that the monitor stand is comprised of a curved base and double bezels. They measure 5mm across the top and bottom, and 19mm diagonally sloped.

If you’re having trouble removing the stand, you can unscrew the screws that hold the monitor to the desk. Then, remove the base plate. Depending on the model, you may have to unscrew the back panel or separate the stand holder to remove it. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to remove the monitor stand. To replace it, you must purchase another monitor stand that has the same specifications as the original.

Depending on the size of your Dell monitor, you can either remove the monitor stand yourself or hire a professional. To lift the monitor, you’ll need to use two people or a soft cushion. Once you’ve got the monitor off the desk, you can remove the cover. If you have a curved stand, it will be easier to remove the monitor stand Dell. If you’re unable to lift it, you can place a book between the monitor and the CPU.

Using a VESA cover

To remove a monitor stand, first open the rear cover. Then, slide the VESA cover away from the monitor. Press the dimple in the VESA cover to release it. Now, you can use the Philips head screwdriver to unscrew the six-piece locking mechanism. Finally, lift the back cover upward and remove the VESA cover. Alternatively, you can simply use the back cover to access the stand’s bottom side.

To remove a DELL monitor stand, place the computer on a flat surface, with the display side facing downwards. Gently pull the VESA cover away from the monitor, making sure to avoid scratching the display. Once the VESA cover is removed, simply lift the monitor off the stand. It should now pop off easily. If the VESA cover is too tight, you can try using a plastic scribe to release it.

If you need to remove the monitor stand, first make sure that you unplug the computer and disconnect all cords. You might need to remove the screws on the stand. Alternatively, you can use a small slot screwdriver to remove the screws. Once the screws are out, slide the stand off the monitor. The screws may be difficult to remove, so be careful. If you do manage to do this, then you can proceed to the next step: remove the monitor stand.

Using a screwdriver

To remove a monitor stand, you’ll need a strong flat-blade screwdriver. Place the screwdriver into the top hole and push the latch to release it. Then, unscrew the stand from the monitor and place it on a soft cushion or cloth. Use a screwdriver to remove the remaining screws. Then, you can gently remove the remaining stand.

To remove the monitor stand, you’ll need to remove the four screws holding it on. You’ll also need a T20 Panhead screwdriver to put the monitor stand back into place. Alternatively, you can use a butter knife. Make sure you use a blunt blade because a sharp knife may cause scratches to the plastic surface. Also, you’ll need a screwdriver with the same size as the screws on the stand.

Once the screws are removed, you can remove the monitor stand from the monitor itself. You can also take out the brackets by unscrewing them with a Philips-head screwdriver. Then, use the screwdriver to remove the stand from the monitor. You’ll have to be careful not to damage the monitor by bumping it off the table. Then, you can replace the monitor with a new one.

Before removing the monitor stand, you must turn the monitor off. You can do this by pushing the latches with a screwdriver. To remove the monitor, you should also unplug the display. Afterwards, push the monitor off the stand. Then, you can remove the screws that attach it to the monitor. You may need to clean the display before you remove the monitor stand.

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