Are Laptop Stands Good?

When it comes to portable stand options, there are several great options on the market. The Bluelounge Kickflip stand is a great choice if you want to carry your laptop around. The design of this stand is based on a motorcycle kickstand, and it works by securing the laptop to the bottom of the foldable computer, which then flips out to elevate it. While some models of this stand are more sturdy than others, it’s best to look for a foldable model that you can easily transport.


With its swivel base, the mStand360 transforms your laptop into a stable, stylish workstation. Made from a single piece of aluminum, the mStand360 is ultra slim while still maintaining the sleek lines of the original mStand. Whether you’re using the stand for a movie marathon, reading a book, or working on the web, the mStand360 has you covered.

Grovemade’s standard laptop stand

A standard laptop stand should be an essential piece of your computer setup, whether you’re using an Apple MacBook or a Windows PC. Aside from keeping your laptop safe, these stands are designed with your comfort in mind. A small aluminum applique prevents your laptop from falling while you’re using it, while a vegetable tanned leather lining gives you a better grip. Grovemade’s standard laptop stand comes with space to conceal your accessories and cables.

Rain Design’s mStand360

The mStand360 is a sleek and stable laptop stand that turns your laptop into a stylish workstation. The swivel base is made of a solid aluminum piece for a super slim profile that doesn’t distract from the sleek lines of your laptop. It’s the perfect choice for a laptop that has a wide screen or is used for gaming. The original mStand is still available, but it’s been updated to feature a swivel base.

Grovemade’s mStand360

Known as one of the best laptop stands on Amazon, Grovemade’s mStand 360 features a swiveling 360-degree base. The swivel allows you to easily share the screen with a partner. The mStand 360 also includes space for a wireless keyboard and mouse. This laptop stand can be found in three different colors to suit your style.

Razer’s Blade Stealth

The Razer Blade laptop stand is ergonomically designed for a comfortable viewing angle, making it the perfect companion to the new Razer Blade. Made of all-aluminum and adjustable for an 18-degree incline, this stand allows you to view your laptop in the best possible way. In addition to the adjustable height, the stand also features a built-in kickstand and a swiveling, articulating base for optimal comfort.

Bluelounge’s Kickflip

Unlike other laptop stands, Kickflip elevates your laptop to an ergonomic angle. It is hinged to your laptop’s bottom and stays firmly affixed to it using a German-engineered gel adhesive. It is also removable and repositionable. This makes it one of the best laptop stands available. The kickflip has a reversible design and is suitable for both laptops with and without a trackpad.

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